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Pick Palatable Pickles from Us

At A-1 Eastern-Homade Pickle Company Inc. in Los Angeles, California, we offer all of our products at a very affordable price. Having a shelf life of 90 days, our products are available in cases of four one-gallon jars and five-gallon tubs.

Kosher Pickles

Enjoy munching on our pickles! Our kosher pickles are fermented in salt water, garlic, and spices. These don't have preservatives, so you must keep them refrigerated.

Deli Dill Pickles

Deli Dill pickles are similar to kosher pickles; only difference is that these pickles are fermented with a little bit of preservatives and vinegar to stabilize them. A number of delicacy stores and restaurants like these pickles for their sandwiches. Our Deli dill pickles come in whole, cross-cuts, chips, and spears.


Containing vitamin content and natural antioxidants, pickles keep your skin glowing and healthy looking. Eating pickles in moderation also improves digestion.

Our Policy

Order our homemade dill pickles today and you will receive them within five working days. For customers in Southern California, we can deliver the products to your location. You may also pick them up at our store. Take note that out-of-state shipments are sent via FedEx™.